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Secret Garden Dedication:
to the Memory of Donald Cody Cox

The Secret Garden in the center of Pearson Hall was conceived, designed, developed and planted by David Francko, Chair of the Department of Botany. The day after Don Cox died, David suggested we dedicate the garden to Don’s memory. On July 9, 2001, the faculty and students of Botany, Microbiology and Zoology gathered in the garden with Don’s friends from other departments, and Nancy Cox and her children, Kathy and Brian, for a dedication ceremony. The chairs of the three biological science departments spoke briefly about Don, how much he meant to our faculty and students, and the history of the development of the garden. After the dedication plaque was hung at the entrance to the garden, an informal reception was held.

Above: Brian, Nancy and Kathy by the pool in the garden
Secret Garden

Below: Kathy Cox, Nancy Cox, David Francko, and Brian Cox
Coxes and Francko

News & Events: Garden Dedication

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