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Miami Microbiology '97 Newsletter



Pictured above are recipients of grants for 100K or more (L-R) Actis, Carlin, Bhattacharjee and Findlay.

Dr. Bhattacharjee has received $300,000 Grant for "DNA Workshop"

The National Science Foundation has awarded Dr. J.K. Bhattacharjee, professor of Microbiology at Miami University, a $300,000 grant with an additional $66,308 state matching fund to improve the teaching of gene cloning, genetic engineering, and molecular genetics to high school students in Ohio. The objectives of this project are to enhance the basic knowledge, technical skills, and teaching proficiencies of high school biology teachers. The intensive two week summer DNA workshop will provide comprehensive instruction through hands-on activities and discussions of basic molecular genetics, recombinant DNA technology and lesson plans. This workshop and follow-up activities are designed specifically for high school teachers to improve the educational and career opportunities for students of inner city, rural and suburban public and private high schools. Half of the teachers will be recruited from resource poor, inner city high schools where the need for teacher enhancement and learning opportunities in this emerging new discipline is greatest.

Each teacher will receive graduate credit, stipend, travel expense, cost of dorm living and meals, textbooks, electrophoresis equipment and supply materials to be used in his or her classroom teaching. Several professors, highly successful high school master teachers, guest speakers, and graduate assistants will serve as teaching instructors. Teachers in the past have consistently rated this to be a most beneficial workshop..

Clinical Laboratory Science Program

The research laboratory of Dr. Marcia Lee,
with (L-R) Tricia Reed (graduate student), Jill Buss (undergraduate) and Dr. Lee
In recent years, Miami University students in the Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program have studied during their final "Clinical Practicum" year of this B.S. degree at the following hospitals: University Hospitals of Cincinnati, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Southwest General Health Center (Middleburg Heights, Ohio), St. Elizabeth Medical Center (Covington, Kentucky), Boston Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center (Boston, Massachusetts), Parkview Memorial Hospital (Fort Wayne, Indiana), St. Vincent's Medical Center (Jacksonville, Florida) and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, Tennessee). Accompanying the multitude of transitions in health care, the number of B.S. degree clinical practicum ("intership") positions available to university students has declined, and these positions are increasingly competitive. Students from many universities/colleges apply to each hospital program for admission into the "internship" year of study. A CLS student earns 38 semester hours of 400-level courses through lecture and laboratory courses in clinical chemistry, toxicology, microbiology, hematology, parasitology, mycology, immunohematology, and management. In addition to these required rotations, interning students may choose elective or co-operative rotations, i.e., in specialized hospital-based clinical laboratories, research laboratories, a forensic clinical laboratory, or a public health laboratory. Required pre-internship courses include four semesters of chemistry (general chemistry and organic chemistry), microbiology including immunology, mathematics, foreign language, and elective block comprised of courses in microbiology, zoology, or physics. Students in the CLS Program have won both state and national competitive scholarships. Following graduation our CLS graduates have followed a variety of professional avenues, including generalists or specialists in the hospital clinical laboratory science/medical technology profession, industrial research positions such as diagnostic product development, graduate school in a field of biomedical science, and dental, medical or veterinary school. The majority of CLS students choosing the two year co-op curriculum attend Miami University's affiliated program at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and alternate 12-week formal courses with 12 weeks in a "co-op" or paid work position. These co-op positions, available in a variety of clinical and research laboratories, provide the students insight into diverse areas of specialization and employment opportunities.

Visiting Instructor, Charlier speaks to graduate students.
(Front row - Hara Charlier, Heidi Schran, and Viktorija Telbis
Back row - Amy Allman and Tony Marchetta)

Charlier Joins Faculty

Hara Dracon Charlier joined us in 1995-96 and 1996-97 as a Visiting Instructor on the Oxford Campus. She teaches the introductory biology course (BMZ 115, 116), senior seminar (MBI 490) and Experimenting with Microbes (MBI 123). She recently became the proud parent of Devon Eve Charlier, born December 27, 1996.

Regional Campus News

David Stroupe, MU-Hamilton and assistants have developed a lab experience for visiting elementary and junior high students. The day long outreach program is coordinated by the Office of Admission. The Microbiology lab experience is a 60-90 minute program. During the past two years several hundred students from both public and private schools have participated in this popular program. Perhaps the real reason for the success is the pizza lunch that is provided!

In the Spring Semester of 1997, for the first time, a microbiology course is being taught using the "Distance Learning Center." Oxford based students registered for the Hamilton MBI course can attend lectures in Oxford. Via interactive video, they can fully participate in the class. The distance learning centers are located at the Hamilton, Middletown and Oxford Campuses.

Wayne Clevenger preparing media with undergraduate zoology major, Emily workman. Wayne came to the department on February 6, 1964. That's a lot of media!

NSF Grant

A $250,000 NSF grant for "Purchase of Equipment for Research in Molecular Microbial Biology" was awarded to Mary Woodworth (PI), Luis Actis, J.K. Bhattacharjee, Joseph Carlin and Gary Janssen for 1995-97.

Research Challenge Grant

Luis Actis, Joseph Carlin, Kelly Cowan and Marcia Lee received funding from Miami University through the Research Challenge program of the Ohio Board of Regents for 1996-97.


Dr. Robert J. Brady, 70, professor of microbiology emeritus at Miami University, died of cancer July 1, at his Oxford home. Born in Detroit April 13, 1927, he was the son of James and Grace Austin Brady. He received bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Detroit and a doctorate from the University of Maryland. He married Dorothy Latchney in 1955 in Detroit. Brady was chair of Miami's microbiology department from 1972-78. He returned to full-time teaching and research, retiring in 1993. A member of Miami's faculty since 1957, he was honored in Microbiology with its Carski Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award, the highest teaching award given in microbiology in the country. Much of his time was devoted to teaching undergraduate courses in introductory microbiology, food and industrial microbiology, microbial physiology and the genetics of bacteria and their viruses. He was past president of the Ohio Branch of the American Society for Microbiology. He was appointed to Oxford City Council in 1971 and elected to a term the same year, serving for five years. Survivors are his wife, Dorothy; two sons, Tom of Chicago and Brian of Cincinnati; two daughters, Kathleen Chrisman of Kalamazoo, Mich., and Brigid of San Francisco; and four grandchildren. Mass of Christian Burial was held Monday, July 7, in St. Mary's Church, Oxford. Burial was in the Oxford Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, the Miami University microbiology department or St. Mary's Church. Smith & Ogle Funeral Home, Oxford, was in charge of the arrangements.


A Memorial by Ivan Kochan

Tatiana was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia on June 20, 1924 to Ukrainian parents, Peter and Adela Sawycky who fled with Ukranian democratic government from Ukraine occupied by the communist invaders from Russia. After the First World War, her family moved to Warsaw, Poland where Tatiana finished elementary school; the high school education she obtained in a Ukrainian gymnasium in Cholm and obtained her diploma (maura) in 1943. I was fortunate to meet Tatiana in Cholm gymnasium and in spite of war, hunger and bombardments, our love for each other blossomed and persisted during our meetings in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, Vienna, Austria and Munich, Germany. In Austria, Tatiana continued her education at the University of Salzburg, where she studied philosophy. In 1948, she and her family moved to Germany and, then, emigrated to U.S.A. and settled in Pomona, California. Tatiana did not enjoy California sun for long - next year she went to Canada (Thunderbay on Lake Superior), where I lived at that time, and we were married in 1949. Although we were poor immigrants and had to work very hard on various jobs, we enjoyed Canadian bushy forests, wildlife, and picking mushrooms. After two years, we moved to Winnipeg where I continued my studies and Tatiana worked to support me. In 1955, we were able to move to friendly USA and California sun shine. At that time we had Andrew (born 1951) and Mark (1954) and in Palo Alto, California. Christine was born in 1957. At the Stanford University, I received my Ph.D. in 1958 and then we moved through Dallas (Baylor U.) to Oxford. Tatiana was very gifted in arts; she painted, made beautiful clay pots, and liked weaving. She enjoyed having my students to our house and was interested in their lives. She died on July 6, 1996 of poor blood supply to her brain and is buried in Grass Valley, California.

Microbiology's International Faculty
(L-R) Bhattacharjee (Bangladesh), Morris-Hooke (Australia) and Actis (Argentina), emeritus professor Kochan (Ukraine) is not pictured.

The Microbiology E-mail Directory:

Luis Actis
J.K. Bhattacharjee
Joseph Carlin
Hara Charlier
Kelly Cowan
Donald Cox
Robert Findlay
Anne Morris Hooke
Gary Janssen
Departmental Secretaries - Darlene Davidson (L) and Carol Webb.
Carol retires in May, 1997. Happy Retirement Carol!
Marcia Lee
John Stevenson
David Stroupe
Mary Woodworth


Visit the MBI home page at ../


Sigma Xi Research Awards

Six of our graduate students, Amy Allman, Eric Kobylski, Tony Marchetta, Scott Karlo, Christine Weingart and Don Langworthy, received Sigma Xi research awards for 1995-96 totaling $3,250. Two graduate students, John Benjamin and Norine Davis and two undergraduate students, Nathan Cummins and Steven Spaulding, received Sigma XI research awards for 1996-97 totaling $3,020. We are very proud of our students!

Bhattacharjee Scholarship

The Dr. and Mrs. J.K. Bhattachrjee scholarship was established and first awarded in the 1991-92 school year. The scholarship is awarded to an under-graduate student studying microbiology or a related discipline.
1995-96 Lisa Barker and Brooke Murphy
1996-97 Erwin Sung and David Fantelli
1997-98 Jill Buss

P.J. Wilderman and Laura Smoot (Rockwood Scholarships), Dr. John Kappler (Stark Lecturer), Jill Buss (Bhatacharjee Scholarship) and Deanna Schomaker (Day Scholarship).

Lawrence Day Microbiology Scholarship

Each year the Department recognizes the outstanding member of the junior class by awarding her or him the $1,500 Lawrence Day Microbiology Scholarship generously donated by Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Day, alumni of Miami. We appreciate their support. The recipients of this very special award (since the last newsletter) are:
1995-96 Janine Tompkins
1996-97 Erin Bell
1997-98 Deanna Schomaker

O.K. Stark Lecture and Awards

The Department invites a distinguished scientist to the campus to present the Annual Orton K. Stark lecture in honor of the founding chair of our Department. This lecture is supported by contributions of the Orton K. Stark Fund by alumni and friends. Lecturers and award recipients (since the last newsletter) are:

1995 Dr. Gail Cassell, Professor and Chair, University of Alabama
1996 Dr. Julian Davies, Professor and chair, University of British Columbia
1997 Dr. Madilyn Fletcher, Director Belle Baruch Institute for Marine Biology and Coastal Research

Undergraduate award recipients:

Graduate award recipients:
1995 Heather Van Buskirk
1995 Bruce Hissong
1996 Alison J. Scott
Jeanna Knoble
1996 none given
1997 Anne Zilles (Sr.)
Erin Bell (Sr.)
Lisa Byder (Soph.)
Tayalyn Riordan (Fr.)
1997 Susan Sutton

Rockwood Scholarship

The Susan Rockwood Scholarship, which recognizes an outstanding female graduate student in Microbiology, was awarded in 1996 to Christine Weingart. This scholarship is supported by the generous donations of alumni and friends of Dr. Rockwood. In 1997 the winners are Laura Smoot and Paula Wilderman.

Undergraduate Research Awards

The following Microbiology students received undergraduate research awards:
Dr. Bhattacharjee shows scholarship winner, David Fantelli, a yeast mutant.
1995-96 Tamara L. Messier
Julie Pfeiffer
Steven D. Irvin
Lisa Barker
Cheryl Green
Anne R. Zilles
Diane Andis
William Shanin
1996-97 David Fantelli
Lori B. Gordley
Deanna D. Schomaker
Christian Felter
Kirsten Soderholm
Nathan Cummins
Cheryl Green
Steven Spalding


The following list of former students is from the responses received after the last newsletter.

'55 Joseph "Bernie" Schleicher,PhD
Retired April, 1994 from Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, IL, after 30 years as a senior research virologist. Joseph highly recommends retirement.
'58 E.D. (Don) Beesley
Branch Head, NC, Drinking Water/Milk Laboratory Certification
'67 Linda Randolph
Fremont, CA
'67-'71 Yale Medical School-Department of Radiobiology research assistant
'76 masters degree architecture
'76-'85 Design/build firm owner
'85-'95 Architecture firm
'69 Gayle (Hackbush) Ziaskas
Now works in the Finance field, The Nutra Sweet Kelco Co. and gives credit to her years in microbiology with help in her business.
'70 Ada Jennifer Fischbach MD
Salt Lake City, UT
Radiation Oncologist LDS Hospital
'76 Patricia Gallagher Livermore
Cincinnati, OH
Senior Research Associate at Procter and Gamble
'76 Patricia Robright Holobaugh
Takoma Park, MD
Compliance Officer for Food & Drug Administration in MD Bioresearch monitoring.
'76 Katherine L. Green
San Antonio, Texas
Retired from USAF
'77 Mary Ann Theads Webb
Frankfort, OH
2 children, and the Director of Environmental Health in Highland County
'77 Georgia Wojno Castrigano
Akron, OH
3 sons and 1 daughter, worked at Cleveland Clinic specializing in hypertension studies and teaching "Hands On" Science Activities to primary grades.
'77 Barbara Petro Vistica
Monrovia, MD
3 daughters, Immunologist for National Eye Institute
'78 Dr. Ahmed Esa
Paris, France
Head, Flow Cytometry Lab Department of Immunology Pasteur Institute

Linda Zehler, Animal Facility Supervisor observes Angela Currier, graduate student and Lori Gordley, undergraduate.

'78 Lana Welcher Christian
Indianapolis, IN
Writing a training manual at Methodist Hospital for students who are cross-trained in phy-sical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy and teaching son's health class about the human body. Susan Rockwood was a big inspiration in her life.
'78 Dave Smiley
Westminster, CO
2 children, an avid homebrewer, hiker, and skier
Associate Scientist in Fermentation Process Development
'79 Cheryl Krynock Friszman
Macedonia, OH
3 children and family active in scouts and sports. Pharmaceutical scientist working on government contract with aid/anti-cancer drugs.
'79 Jane Thirkield Wong
Downingtown, PA
Wyeth-Ayerst Labs-Manager, Supplier Quality Audits
married 11/23/91
'80 Carolyn L. Tenney Wheeler
Colorado Springs, CO
High school teacher after 8 years in medical research and histo-compatibility testing. Coordinated a DNA workshop. Husband teaches; has 2 daughters.
'80 Judith Zahorai
Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH
15 years MT(ASCP) in Micro. Dept. at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Cleveland. Has 1 son and is expecting second child.
'81 Martha Bott
Encinitas, CA
Associate Director, Research & Development at Gen-Probe.
'81 Mary (Horn) Kennedy
Ardmore, OK
Retired to be domestic engineer for husband and 2 daughters.
'81 Kay Crosby Mazzella
Cincinnati, OH
Technical Support Supervisor, Avon Products Elected to Board of National Registry of Microbiologists at ASM and chair of the Exam. Committee for Consumer Products/Quality Assurance Microbiologists. December, 1994, daughter born, Laura Adele Mazzella.
Dr. Gary Janssen and graduate student Julie Farmer.

'81 Robin Denise Woods Sutter
Hamilton, OH
Technical Manager of Microbiology at McCullough-Hyde Hospital. Married with 2 children.
'81 Mohd Danial Yahya PhD
Selangor, Malalysia
'92, PHD Univ. of Arizona. University of Kebangsaan Malaysia, assistant professor-teaching under-graduate Immunology and Microbiology; supervising students in their senior research projects.
'83 Helen Gibson
Oakland, CA
Senior research specialist LXR Biotechnology -focusing on apoptosis research and therapeutics for myocardial infarction, cancer, and AIDS. Helped start up this company with several co-workers.
'83 Rebecca L. Himes
Atlanta, GA
84-93:Research Ass't., U.C. in Pathology, Digestive Diseases and Immunology.
6/93-Associate degree in Nursing from U.C.
Currently, staff nurse Emory University Hospital. Would like to become a research nurse in infection control.
'84 Marlos D. Begeny-Mahan, DO
Hudson, OH
Doctor of Optometry, Cleveland. Husband-optometrist; son Michael born 5/29/95.
'84 Patti Lorensen Kretz
San Marcos, CA
Staff Scientist, Industrial Biocatalysis. Previously was a R & D Scientist at Stragene Cloning Systems.
'84 Jerri Kapp Manning
South Euclid, OH
Medical Technologist, Microbiology & Virology Lab at University Hospital in Cleveland. Sons, Joshua and Kyle keep Jerri busy.
'86 Dana Brooks Feagin
Ponte Vedra Beach FL
Senior Clinical Research Associate-PAREXEL International, an inde-pendent pharmaceutical research organization.
'86 Tamara Seacrist Kumler
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Physical therapist-Home Health & Rehabilitation Hospital. Two children-Joshua and Stephanie.
'87 Kimberly E. Foreman
PhD, '92, U.C. Post Doctorate at University of Michigan, Department of Pathology.
'87 Debra Isaacson Greer
Suffield, CT
Clinical Research Associate, PAREXEL International Corp. Married, Jeffrey on September 26, 1993.
'87 Denise Jubenville Sherman
Cincinnati, OH
MBA, '93. Marketing Manager at Tekmar Company. Daughter Hailey born September, 1994.
'88 Natalie Cordrey - AMAT
Dade International-purification of various protein (currently purifying recombinant human tissue factor protein. MBA, '95, Florida International Univ.
'89 Tracy (Benzies) Styka
Austintown, OH
Did cancer research at OSU for 4 yrs. MS in Preventative Medicine. Currently in Health Education at the Mahoning Co. Health Dept. Married in '93 and expecting first baby.
'90 Kenneth S. Knox
W. Worthington, OH
MD, OSU, '94. Completing residency at OSU in Internal Medicine. Married to Julie and has a son, Adam.

Dr. Findlay goes over his poster with
graduate student, P.J. Wilderman.
'90 Amy Lichon
Chicago, IL
Doing residency at University of Chicago Hospitals in Anesthesiology.
'90 Douglas Pogue
MD, '95
Washington University. Residency in Internal Medicine in Baltimore, MD. Health Policy Fellow-US Senate. Clinton's Health Reform Task Force-'93.
'90 Paul Prior, MD
Shilington, PA
Graduate of OSU Medical School. In residency of OB/GYN in Reading, PA. Married.
'90 Paul A. Rich
Girard, OH
Received MD from Medical College in Toledo. Training in Family Medicine in Youngstown. Married to Carla has a son Frankie.
'90 Christine (Higby) Stewart
Rochester, NY
'92 MS-Paper Science Engineering, MU; '95 MS-Applied Math Statistics at Rochester Institute of Technology. Paper Engineer at Xerox Corp.
'90 Meena Subramanyam
Senior Principal Investigator-Ares Advanced Technology. Proud mother of daughter, Kriti.
'90 Laura (Ling) Vogel
Toledo, OH
PhD,'95, Microbiology at Medical College of OH. Post doc at
Dartmouth, NH. Married to Scott, July, 1993.
'91 Jennifer Price
Cincinnati, OH
Grad of UC College of Medicine, June, 1995. Started a Family Medicine Residency in Cincinnati.
'91 Abel De La Rosa, PhD
Bethesda, MD
Post doc at the NC, Lab of Pathology. Worked at Biotech. Currently at Digene Diagnostics as a manager-working on design and development of Novel Probe-based diagnostic products for the infectious disease and human genetics market place.

'91 Steve Yanek
Naperville, IL
District rep for Buckman Lab, Memphis TN
'92 Alexa Konstantinos
Hilliard, OH
June 95-MS in Medical Microbiology/ Immunology at OSU. Married April, 1996.
'92 Kimberly Jo Paprocki
Steubenville, OH
Third year medical student at OSU; will start internship at Doctor's Hospital in Massilion. Married to Craig Sanders, June 15, 1996.
'92 Meredith Schnindler Wessells
Columbus, OH
PhD candidate in Environmental Science at OSU. First baby expected April, 1995.
'92 Rich Szulewski
Little Rock, AK
Sales rep-Becton Dickinson for Micro-biology systems in AR & LA.
'93 Melissa Chase
Parma, OH
Medical Technician, MT(ASCP) in the Hematology Lab at Metro-health Medical Center.
'93 Tim Kroft
Evanston, IL, Doctoral student at Northwestern University in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology.
'93 Kristen Schaum
Overland Park, KS
Working in lab at Pediatric Office. Attending a nursing program. Engaged to Dave Twigg (MU alum); wedding set for '96.
Working in the Animal Facility, (L-R) Lori Gordley, Angela Currier and Supervisor, Linda Zehler.


What are you doing? Let us hear from you so we can include information about our alumni in the next newsletter.

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