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Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Internships in Microbiology

Miami's undergraduate research internship program for students of the biological sciences, funded by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Open to students from any university, the 40 accepted interns receive a $3,000 stipend, 12 semester hours of academic credit and a tuition waiver during the 10-week internship.

Miami undergraduate interns, their research projects and Microbiogy faculty:


  • Erich Goebel, Nucleotides Binding Specificity in an Adenylate Cyclase Toxin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa," Natosha Finley
  • Ethan Huckabee, "Reducing fp25k Gene Mutation of Commercial Baculovirus Expression Vectors to Improve HPV L1 Expression Yields for Low Cost Vaccine Production," Xiao-Wen-Cheng
  • Brian McGowan, "Investigating the Adaptation of Nitrosomonas sp. is79 to Low Ammonium Conditions," Annette Bollmann


  • Maria Holztrager, "Reducing fp25k Gene Mutations of Baculovirus Expression Vector to Improve Protein Expression Yields," Xiao-Wen Cheng
  • Adam Orengia, "Analysis of the mtmp deletion mutant of Methanosarcina acetivorans," D.J. Ferguson
  • Hanna Scinto, "Differential Virulence Capacities of Geomyces Species," Marcia Lee


  • Leah Carter, "The Impact of an Upstream 5'AUG on valS Expression in Escherichia coli," Gary Janssen
  • Alex Loomis, "Comparative Study on Oxidative Stress Between in Two Psychrophilic Algae: the Antarctic Snow Alga Chlamydomonas CCMP681 and a lake alga, Chlamydomonas raudensis UW0241," Rachael Morgan-Kiss
  • Rachel Siekemeyer, "Chlamydial Modifications of Interferon-γ Receptors in Human Epithelial Cells," Joseph Carlin


  • Michael Bucci, "Investigation of Double-Stranded RNA and RNA Interference in Adenovirus Infections," Eileen Bridge
  • Christopher Hillman, "Host Range Factors of ThorMNPV," Xiao-Wen Cheng
  • Mark Wohlever, "Short DNA Annotation Using Hidden Markov Models," Iddo Friedberg


  • Ian M. Fleming, "Effect of Upstream AUG Codons on Gene Expression in Escherichia coli," Gary Janssen
  • Benjamin T. Keller, "Investigating Antifungal Activity of Plant-Derived Compounds," Marcia Lee
  • Samuel T. Murakami, "Investigation of Baculovirus Entry into a Non-Permissive Cell Line," Xiao-Wen Cheng


  • Patrick Feasel, "Adaptation of a Psychrophilic Alga to the Dark During the Antartic Winter," Rachael Morgan-Kiss
  • Jennica Johns, "Regulation of Interferon-Mediated Immunity to Chlamydia by Dexamethasone," Joseph M. Carlin
  • Matthew Kuhar, "Start Codon Recognition and Inhibitory Effects of Upstream Nucleotides on Gene Expression in Escherichia coli," Gary R. Janssen


  • Michael Howell, "Reevaluation and Improvement of the Poissonian Model in Prediction of Super Infection Rates of Viruses in Cells by a Two Color Reporting System," Xiao-Wen Cheng
  • Phillip McMullen, "Analysis of Protein Expression of Silver Resistant Mutants of Escherichia coli by Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis," Kelly Z. Abshire
  • Jordan Norton, "Life Cycle and Morphology of Mycoplasma gallinarum," Mitchell F. Balish


  • Leonard T. Buller, "Ribosomal Mutations Affecting Antibiotic Resistance and Translation," Gary R. Janssen
  • Justin L. Eddy, "Characterization of Mutants Affected in Cellular Response to Environmental Stimuli in the Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium, Desulfavibrio vulgaris," Matthew W. Fields


  • Matthew Gittinger, "The Role of Corticosterone on Cytokine Levels and Macrophage Activation in a Protein Deficient Mouse Model," John R. Stevenson
  • Matthew Miller, "Characterization of Metal Reduction Under Different Growth Conditions by the Novel Alkaliphilic, Metal-Reducing Bacterium, Alkaliphilus metalliredigens," Matthew W. Fields

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