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Research-active Microbiology Faculty

Luis A. Actis
Professor and Chair
(Ph.D., Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina 1982)
Molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis
Mitchell F. Balish
Associate Professor
and Director of Graduate Studies
(Ph.D., Emory University, 1998)
Cellular, subcellular, and molecular studies of morphology, organization, and division in Mycoplasma species
Annette Bollmann
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., Philipps University, 1996)
Ecophysiology of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria; Culturing the unculturables
Eileen K. Bridge
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1990)
Adenovirus host cell interactions
Joseph M. Carlin
Professor, Assistant Chair,
and Chief Departmental Advisor
(Ph.D., Michigan State University 1985)
Immunology of intracellular Chlamydia infections; molecular mechanisms of interferon-mediated immunity
Xiao-Wen Cheng
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Clemson University 1998)
Host-range factors of baculovirus and gene transcription strategies of ascovirus
D.J. Ferguson
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., The Ohio State University 2000)
Anaerobic one-carbon metabolism in methanogens and Gram-positive bacteria
Natosha L. Finley
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 2005)
NMR and biophysical characterization of bacterial exotoxins; Molecular basis of heritable muscle defects
Iddo Friedberg
Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., The Hebrew University 2002)
Bioinformatics; microbial genomics & metagenomics; protein function prediction; protein function promiscuity and moonlighting; evolution of pathways
Gary R. Janssen
(Ph.D., University of Minnesota 1983)
Translation of leaderless mRNA; molecular analysis of antibiotic resistance genes; phosphate regulation of secondary metabolism in Streptomyces
Marcia R. Lee
Associate Professor
(D.V.M., University of Minnesota 1980)
Use of ice-nucleating active bacteria and fungi for biological control
Rachael Morgan-Kiss
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., University of Western Ontario, 2000)
Polar Microbiology, Physiology, and Ecology

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