Microbiology Distinguished Lecture Series

funded by an Academic Challenge Award from the State of Ohio
to bring lectures by outstanding microbiologists to Miami University

2014 Dr. Robert E. Davis
USDA Agricultural Research Service
2013 Dr. Duncan C. Krause
University of Georgia
2013 Dr. Thomas Mock
University of East Anglia, UK
2012 Dr. Clay Fuqua
Indiana University
2012 Dr. Martin Keller
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2011 Dr. Fiona Brinkman
Simon Fraser University
2010 Dr. John Priscu
Montana State University
2009 Dr. Richard Gourse
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2009 Dr. Gijs Kuenen
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
2008 Dr. Tina Henkin
The Ohio State University
2007 Dr. Louis Justement
University of Alabama - Birmingham
2006 Dr. Joel Baseman
University of Texas Health Sciences Center - San Antonio
Dr. Susan Gottesman
National Cancer Institute - Bethesda
2005 Dr. Gary Blissard
Cornell University
Dr. Jizhong Zhou
University of Oklahoma
2004 Dr. John A. Breznak
Michigan State University
Dr. Judy Wall
University of Missouri - Columbia
2003 Dr. Neal Pellis
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Dr. James Fredrickson
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dr. Arturo Casadevall
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Dr. Michael Starnbach
Harvard Medical School
2002 Dr. Edward DeLong
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Dr. Alison O'Brien
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Dr. Melissa Moore
Brandeis University
2001 Dr. William S. M. Wold
St. Louis University School of Medicine
Dr. Judith A. Kapp
Emory University
Dr. Bonnie L. Bassler
Princeton University
Dr. John R. Perfect
Duke University
2000 Dr. Virginia Miller
Washington University
Dr. Bruce Roe
University of Oklahoma
Dr. Glenn Chambliss
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1999 Dr. Nicholas Muzyczka
University of Florida - Gainesville
Dr. Scott J. Hultgren
Washington University
Dr. Madeleine Cunningham
Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, University of Oklahoma
1998 Dr. Richard Losick
Harvard University
Dr. Priscilla B. Wyrick
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Dr. Albert E. Dahlberg
Brown University
1997 Dr. John W. Kappler
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Colorado Health Science Center
Dr. James M. Musser
Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Daniel A. Portnoy
University of Calilfornia - Berkeley
1996 Dr. Mario T. Philipp
Tulane University Medical Center
Dr. Joseph R. Nevins
Duke University
1995 Dr. Ellen S. Vitetta
Southwest Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
Dr. John Monaco
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Cincinnati Medical College
Dr. Pete Magee
University of Minnesota
1994 Dr. Amiya K. Banerjee
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Dr. Frederick C. Neidhardt
University of Michigan
Dr. Robert Tabita
The Ohio State University
Dr. Roberto Kolter
Harvard Medical School
Dr. Gary Sayler
University of Tennessee
1993 Dr. Arnold Levine
Princeton University
Dr. Simon Silver
University of Illinois Medical Center
Dr. Toby K. Eisenstein
Temple University School of Medicine
Dr. Kenneth Berns
Cornell University Medical School
1992 Dr. Edward Harlow
Massachusetts General Hospital
Dr. Carol A. Nacy
Walter Reed Army Institute
1991 Dr. Rita Colwell
University of Maryland
Dr. Marian E. Koshland
University of California - Berkeley
Dr. Eugene W. Nester
University of Washington
Dr. Marilyn Kozak
New Jersey Medical School
Dr. David White
University of Tennessee - Knoxville
1990 Dr. Robert D. Wells
University of Alabama Schools of Medicine and Dentistry - Birmingham
Dr. Lynn Margulis
University of Massachusetts
Dr. John L. Ingraham
University of California - Davis
1989 Dr. W. K. Joklik
Duke University Medical Center
Dr. Barry T. Eisenstein
University of Michigan
Dr. David Schlessinger
Washington University School of Medicine
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