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Undergraduate Minor in Bioinformatics

This minor is offered cooperatively by the Departments of Biology, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Microbiology, and Statistics.

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Bioinformatics is the application of computation to problems in molecular biology. It is a fast-growing field of significant importance in both academia and industry. Students completing a bioinformatics minor will gain basic knowledge of biology and programming needed to work in this area, as well as an understanding of how computational techniques can be used to advance our knowledge of the life sciences and biomedicine. Bioinformatics is being applied increasingly to research areas as diverse as personalized medicine, evolution, structural biology, and population genetics.

Grade Point Average

A minimum of 2.0 grade point average is required for all courses in the minor. Students must declare the minor by completing a "Change of Major, Minor, Thematic Sequence" form in either the MBI or CSE office in order to get a transcript notation for the minor.

Program Requirements (19-21 semester hours)

This course:

  • BIO/MBI 116 Biological Concepts: Structure, Function, Cellular and Molecular Biology (4)

One of these courses:

  • BIO/CSE/MBI 256 Introduction to Programming for the Life Sciences (3), or
  • CSE 271 Object Oriented Programming (3)

One of these courses:

  • BIO/CSE/MBI 466 Bioinformatics Computing Skills (3), or
  • CSE 470 Special topics: Computational Genomics (3)

One of these courses:

  • STA 363 Regression and Design of Experiments (3),
  • STA 402 Statistical Programming (3),
  • STA 463 Regression Analysis (4), or
  • STA 466 Experimental Design Methods (4)

One additional course in BIO, CHM, or MBI at the 200+ level

  • BIO 342 Genetics (3) or MBI 365 Molecular and Cell Biology (3) are strongly recommended for this requirement

This course:

  • BIO/MBI 485 / CSE 456 Bioinformatics Principles (3)

Course descriptions are available in The Miami General Bulletin

Minor in Bioinformatics Steering Committee:

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